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    Our story begins in 1988.

    bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp® is an entrepreneurially-driven, global health care company. Founded by Ronald Reuben in 1988, Mr. Reuben remains Chief Executive Officer of the company to this day and continues to bring his entrepreneurial drive and passion to the business along with his experienced leadership team and a team of dedicated individuals committed to delivering superior customer experiences.

    bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp & First Brand

    In 1988, Ronald Reuben recognized the opportunity stemming from the World Health Organization (WHO) mandated precautions against the HIV virus. bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp SafeTouch glove brand was launched.

    bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp - First office in Old Montreal

    Ronald Reuben founded A.R. bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp, Inc. with his first office located on Prince Street in Old Montreal. Infection control focused product and brand expansion quickly followed, including SafeGauze® and sterile cotton products.

    Establishing a solid base

    From there, the company moved to larger headquarters on Begin Street, and Ouriel Levy, now Corporate Vice-President of Sales, joined the organization as expansion began. Ouriel took on sales responsibility from day one and has become a main and consistent pillar of the organization with a "let's get it done" attitude that has catapulted worldwide sales over the past two decades.

    Important Business Partnership

    In 1992, teamed up with mentor and partner Mr. Morris Goodman, an important Canadian business man and owner/founder of the Pharmascience Group based in Montreal, and a strong relationship and business partnership began and that continues to this day.

    Team building continues

    In 1997, bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp partnered with Herschel Pitts and began manufacturing masks and paper products at United Medical Enterprises in Augusta, Georgia, as the company evolved to a best in class manufacturer, supplier and credible source for all infection control and preventive needs.

    Fully owned plant in Augusta, Georgia

    United Medical Enterprises in Augusta, Georgia. Augusta is best known for hosting The Masters, a golf tournament held each year since 1934. It is the epitomy of The Classic South and its charm. It's home to stunning azaleas, sunshine, hot weather and beautiful landscapes.

    The acquisitions continues

    In 1999, bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp acquires AMD Ritmed from Pharmascience with a manufacturing site in Granby, Quebec and a distribution center in Buffalo, NY, partnered with Ian Levine to launch its medical division.

    European expansion

    In the late 1990’s Ronald launched the European arm of the organization, with bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp BV located in the beautiful countryside of the Netherlands.

    Conquering Asia

    In 2002 bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp expands its business to Asia by partnering with William Wong, now President of bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp Asia. The first office is located in Hong Kong, China.

    First plant in Shanghai

    bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp continues its development in Asia and opens its first plant in Shanghai. bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp also opens a sales office called bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp Trading with satellite offices in Beijing.

    bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp lands in Japan

    bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp acquires the distribution business from its Japanese distributor and forms bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp Japan based in Kobe.

    bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp broadens its reach - destination Kiev

    bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp opens a sale and distribution center in Kiev, Ukraine.

    Another acquisition in Asia

    bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp acquires Sanpack, a state-of-the-art specialty medical packaging manufacturer based in Yilan, Taiwan. Shortly after, bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp opened a sales and distribution center in Tipei to service the region and its other business units around the world.

    bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp strenghtens its European operations

    bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp acquires Kolmi Hopen, a manufacturer of surgical and industrial facemasks and an importer of industrial protection products with the help of its partners, Gérald Heuliez and Philippe Allard.

    Global Leader in Infection Control

    Now a Global Health Care company headquartered in Lachine with operations in Canada, the U.S., the Netherlands, France, China and Japan, the DNA of bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp® is built upon the values of the founder, Mr. Ronald Reuben and is based on persistence, honesty, trust and transparency. With a culture of trust built through his employees and his partners, Mr. Reuben continues his daily presence at bobapp官网_bob直播官方下载_体育彩票bobapp, Inc. and is a pillar that the organization looks to for inspiration and insight as the company continues to grow and expand.



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